Connecting farms with seasonal workers


Covid-19 has caused mass disruption to peoples lives around the world. Unemployment rates have risen dramatically and businesses are failing to survive the strict control of population movement imposed by government. Jobs in farming, which generally feature large spikes in numbers at harvest time are often filled by migrant labor who are now unable to travel.

We have a golden opportunity to re-connect local people to the land, healthy outdoors and production of food. Our product is intended to link those who are looking for work and not afraid to work hard, with farmers who are desperate for the help in getting their crops planted, grown and harvested so they can feed the nation.

Working in farming is very different from many jobs and our platform aims to manage the expectations of those who have never done these jobs before.

We are compiling a list of job profiles, with more information on what each job involves, its benefits and drawbacks and general guidance on earning potential.

We’re also creating a long term system of trust between employers and those working in the industry through our scoring system. The idea is that the hardest workers are given higher scores than others, which future employers will value and offer more work to. Likewise, employers are given scores by their teams through our platform, which gives future applicants confidence that they are accepting job offers from great employers.

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