Harvest Worker

Common pay methods
Harvest worker mostly paid piece work, so £ for each tray you pick. Employers legally obliged to ensure you have earned minimum wage over a pay period (normally a week). Good harvesters c £15/hr
In pretty much all cases, you’re being paid for being. outside at a lovely time of year
Can be monotonous and repetitive, so have a great playlist and get in the zone. Takes a week or more to really get into it, get fast and earn good money.
Often very early morning starts.
Fitness requirements
You will be lifting trays, bending and lots of walking, so a certain level of fitness is essential. Excellent hand to eye coordination required
Other things to know
Hayfever sufferers beware!

Job Profile
Harvest worker is a major role in the UK fresh produce industry. Work is available from March with daffodils and rhubarb, peaking in June to August with soft fruit, following to apples and pears from September.

Work availability tends to be low at the start, but by fruit season, farms are crying out for workers.

Its hard though. Many new entrants to these jobs are surprised how. much they ache for the first couple of weeks and once you’ve been trained, if you cant buddy up with someone, it can be incredibly monotonous; so if you’re not comfortable with your own company, this is not for you.

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