General Farm Work

Common pay methods
Mainly hourly work, commonly at min wage.
In pretty much all cases, you’re being paid for being. outside staying fit and healthy.
On a cold, wet, muddy day you will really question why you’re doing this, but the good days make up for it
Fitness requirements
Often requires high levels of fitness and strength.
Other things to know
Hayfever sufferers beware!

Job Profile
Farms need strong, fit people from early Spring through to autumn. These jobs are often physical, challenging and dirty, but rewarding.

Some typical roles:
Tunnel Building – installing steel hoops into the ground to support plastic covering for crops.
Irrigation – laying plastic pipe and drippers into fields to keep the crops watered.
Planting – getting down and dirty with the crops, putting plants either into the ground or into tubs of compost.

Be prepared, get fit and be ready to work very hard.

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