Packhouse Operative

Working in a farm packhouse
Common pay methods
Generally hourly paid work
Steady work with plenty of hours at peak periods. Some packhouses operate all year round, so seasonal positions often turn into permanent jobs for the right people.
If you feel the cold easily, read the job bio carefully if you’re invited to a packhouse role, as some parts are refrigerated.
Fitness requirements
Packouse operatives don’t generally need to be fit, but there is a lot of standing up, so strong core is a bonus.
Other things to know
Great attention to detail required. Great hand to eye coordination and quick hands is a must.

Job Profile
Packhouse operatives are the last opportunity for a farm to ensure the quality of product that reaches customers is the best it can be. Consequently employers look for people who are wanting to give their best for other people.

Packhouse operatives are trusted to maintain the quality required by the employer.

In general, raw product arrives into the packhouse from the fields. Some products will go through a washing process, some will not.
Every product will start at one end of a conveyor and be checked for quality and weight by a packhouse operative, making adjustments as needed. After this, the product has its packaging finished, go through final QC checks, labelling and putting into the final outer container before being placed back into a coldstore.

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